Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hank 11 Months

This past month brought lots of new, fun changes.  I almost feel like Hank has become more aware of what's going on and understands how to "play" more.  For example, we went in to get Lucy after a nap one day and Hank grabbed one of her pacis and proceeded to taunt her with it.  Reaching out and offering it to her and then pulling it away as soon as she would reach out to grab it.  It was pretty cute.  He also has started to drop things into boxes and shake his head no when he doesn't want something.  I don't think I've noticed any new words this month, but I'm guessing he was pretty focused on mastering the most exciting skill this month... walking!  He's finally getting pretty good at walking and has started to prefer that mode of transportation over crawling.
He continues to be a big cuddler and prefers when I'm sitting down playing with him or holding him.  Every once in a while he'll find something interesting (or dirty, or dangerous) enough to distract so I can cook dinner or clean dishes, but typically he wants his mommy's full attention... I guess I can't blame him!
Things other people notice about him - his old mad hair line, or soft bald head.  How big he smiles and how friendly he is to other people.  How easy going and laid back he is.  What a bruiser he is, climbing and falling all the time and not crying much about it.  And that he sucks his thumb and cuddles a ton.  Whenever people see him sucking his thumb, which seems to be a lot lately, they always comment about it saying that they think it's "soooo cute" but then precede to tell me what a battle it was for their child (or someone they know) to give up thumb sucking and how long it took for it to go away.... so I'm not really sure what to think about that. 

In terms of eating and sleeping, he has pretty much stayed the same.  He is still going strong with two naps and slept pretty well for the most part this month, typically taking two 1.5hr naps.  Some days he would sleep shorter than that and be cranky, but he would usually make up for it with a longer second naps. He has been doing great at night too, sleeping typically from 7/7:30pm - 7/7:30am.  He still nurses 4 times a day although his middle of the day feedings seem  to be really short so I've been offering him whole milk with lunch and dinner to over compensate.  I also want to start getting him interested in regular milk because I'll probably start the weaning process within the next month or so.

He can sometimes be a picky eater but I've been trying to stand my ground and remind myself that he won't starve himself to death.  For example, I made pot roast one night (which is so fatty and delicious and good) and he would only eat the potatoes, not the meat or the carrots.  Or I'll offer him a meal I've mad for dinner and he won't eat it and then when I try again the next day for lunch, he eats a ton of it!  Not sure if he just isn't that hungry, or is wanting to just start exert some control, but hopefully this is just a phase!

Here's a short video. Hank has been doing this little "dance" move with his hands whenever he gets excited. This night he kept climbing on top of the kids table, rolling his hands while squealing and then jumping to dad. It was so funny.

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