Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1 Month Stats

Went to the doctor yesterday - Lucy is measuring in at 9 lbs 10 oz (61%) and 22 inches long (83%). All is healthy with Lucy, doctor said baby acne and dry scalp are just cosmetic and will go away eventually. Doctor said to keep waking her at 5 hours to feed her for the next 2 weeks and then can stretch the night out to 6 hours. I know it's important to listen to the doctor but I'm a little frustrated by this - I know Lucy will sleep longer if I let her and she seems to be gaining weight just fine, so I think I might just do 5 hours for the next week, then at 6 weeks let her sleep longer. If she isn't waking up, I don't want to force her to anymore!

Lucy is starting to get a little more gassy and a little more fussy this week - doctor warned this might happen as she poops less (but still has lots of gas) and as she becomes more aware of the world (and becomes overstimulated). She is still overall a really happy baby.

Had our first out of town visitors this weekend - Katie and Brent came to meet Lucy and visit for the weekend. I was so happy that as usual, Lucy was happy to go along with our schedules and allowed us to enjoy the company of the Kruithof's!

Couple shots from a photo shoot with Erin, professional photographer in training

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  1. hey Jess! Lucy is a doll! Glad Brent and Katie got to come visit! :) Henry had baby acne too.. its so sad to see their little faces getting blemishes but it goes away! Enjoy your precious baby! Shes a doll!