Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy 3 Years!

We celebrated our three year anniversary this week. Lucy spent her second night out away from us (last week was her first night out, staying with Mimi and Tim while we went out to a nice dinner at Ruth's Chris... thanks mom!) and Ben and I headed downtown to Military Park and the canal for a picnic. It was a nice night out, planned by Ben, and fun to go back to the place where Ben proposed about 4 years ago. I of course missed Lucy, but Grandma and Grandpa Wehner said she did great without us.

As Ben and I talked on our date, we couldn't help but think about how our lives have changed so much in just four years... 2006 - engaged, 2007 - wedding, 2008 - married, 2009 - married + Ruthie, 2010 - married + Ruthie + Lucy. Our family certainly has multiplied over the last couple years! I asked Ben if he ever missed not having a dog and a kid, after all, it's easy to get jealous when you hear about friends planning a 2.5 week road trip and other friends planning a move to the Grand Cayman... but we both agreed, we couldn't imagine our lives with out either of our daughters. And despite some of the sacrifices we've had to make (and the furniture that has been ruined!) we wouldn't want it any other way. While our lives are extremely different than they were 4 years ago, they are so much more full. We truly are a family.


  1. happy three years, jess! i love your family and i wouldn't want it any other way!

  2. that's an awesome pic jessi! i'm so glad i hooked you and ben up, got you a dog and made you guys get pregnant.