Monday, October 11, 2010

Dedication Day

This past weekend, we dedicated Lucy at Grace. It was an amazing and special thing, Ben and I were both so thankful to be surrounded by family and friends who love Lucy so much.

From before Lucy was born, Ben and I have prayed that she would have a desire to know Jesus and learn to love him with all of her heart. This weekend was a chance for us to stand in front of our church to commit to doing our best at leading her in this direction. Cindy Parkman, the pastor of childrens ministry, emphasized that it will be much more about what Ben and I DO as parents, rather than what we say, which was a good reminder for me to focus on my relationship with Christ first... and then worry about being a good mom second. It can be easy to switch up that order when I want so much for everything to be perfect for my little baby girl.

Both of our families came to the service to watch Lucy get dedicated. It was amazing to have all of our loved ones, under one roof, worshiping together (something I don't think has happened since the wedding?!?!) - Ben and I both felt humbled that our precious little angel could do so much (bringing everyone together) without even knowing it.

As a reminder to ourselves... here is what Ben and I committed to that day:
1. We acknowledge that Lucy is a gift of God's love and grace to our family
2. We intend to prepare her for a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ
3. We commit to model a compelled life that reveals God to this world and to Lucy

A few pics from the evening:

On stage with the other families

Praying for Lucy

Celebration back at our house!

So much love for such a tiny little girl!

Foot in Mimi's pocket


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  1. this is so, so special. lucy is blessed beyond measure to be raised by such intentional, loving parents.