Sunday, October 10, 2010

More great pictures and great friends

We traveled out to Cincinnati to visit Katie and Brent one last time before they move to Grand Cayman. We are so excited for Katie and Brent, but will miss them a lot! Even though they live 2 hours away now, we still visit with them on a regular basis, so we'll miss getting to see them as often. Fortunately, as soon as we heard the news, we booked a trip to visit them, so it won't be long before we get to see them again - in the Caymans! But unfortunately, that might be the last time we get to see them for over a year... sad.

We spent the day hanging out, eating at La Rosa's, watching the IU/Michigan football game, and going to Katie and Brent's going away party. Katie also just got a new camera so she got a ton of great shots of Lucy... so excited to have 2 good friends who can take awesome shots of the baby.

Eating at La Rosa's

Hey... that's not ruthie...

But, I'll still let him lick my face...

Wanting to explore...

Love this picture of her eyes!

And this one too!

Lucy was a little sleepy because she didn't nap that well so we didn't get many of her smiling, but Katie still got some great shots! Can't wait for her to take some good ones in the Caymans!


  1. love those blue eyes! :o) you guys are jet setters!

  2. Oh my word - those eyes and those lips!!! Gorgeous!