Saturday, September 10, 2011

28 Week Belly (but actually 29)

Ok - so I say this every post, but this belly picture is a little late again!! This time I really am actually 29 weeks and 2 days, so I'm not really even close to 28 weeks... oh well! It's hard to grab pictures this pregnancy because I want to wait until I've at least showered (which usually isn't until late in the day) and by then I'm usually showering and getting ready in such a hurry because we are heading out the door.

So I've included a 28 and 30 week picture with Lucy. Baby boy's belly picture is sandwiched in the middle!

(Lucy 28)

(baby boy 29)

(Lucy 30)

Looks like I continue to grow about the same! Although, one nice part about being pregnant during most of the summer is the nice tan I get to keep for most of my pregnancy :)

Weight gain is actually the exact same, unfortunately! I have gained about the exact same weight that I am number of weeks, which is how I was with Lucy. I was trying so hard to gain less this time, but I just don't do well with exercise and proportions when I'm pregnant I guess! Looks like I'll be back doing Insanity after this baby as well.

Feeling really good still, things are getting more tiring and harder to do as my belly grows, but I still feel pretty mobile. Baby boy moves around a ton, so I feel like he is growing strong. I did have one concern at the doctor because I get side cramps a lot easier this time around, so he checked my cervix to make sure my body wasn't preparing for labor. It wasn't, so all is good! I guess I'm probably just walking more this time around so I notice the cramps more.

One last update - we have officially decided on a name! Henry Benjamin Wehner, but we'll call him Hank for the most part. We had debated on the name for a while- although it was the first and only name we loved for a boy, we soon found out after picking it that our good friends were naming their son Henry as well! We debated for about a month if we wanted to stick with the same name as our friend's son, but in the end I couldn't think of any other name that I loved as much. Plus we chose it in the exact same way we chose Lucy (I gave Ben a list, he picked his favorite and we went with it, clean and simple), so I wanted to stick with our gut feelings. And ultimately, our little boy will go by Hank and theirs goes by Henry, so they practically each have their own name!

We refer to everything at home that is baby boy's as "Hank's" and Lucy talks about "Hanky" in mommy's belly, so I'd say it's pretty safe to use that from now on :) We can't wait to meet you Hanky!


  1. I'm glad you finalized the name! I always like to be able to put a name with a belly :) I didn't know you did Insanity after Lucy. Isn't that crazy hard??

  2. ps - my verification code just now was "hanksc"! it seems like a sign!

  3. i love the name henry/hank!! great choice

  4. YAY, Hank! He and Henry will have so much fun together! Love it, love it, love it. Can't wait to meet him! :)