Monday, September 12, 2011

A few weeks ago (I'm still catching up) we spent almost a full week in Northern Indiana at Lake Wawasee and Lake Webster. The first half of the week we stayed with Katy and Brandon at their family's cabin on Wawasee, then headed over to my family's cabin on Webster for the weekend. We had a lot of fun (as you can tell by all the pictures) and continue to be thankful for friends and family that have lake cabins and boats that they share with us! I hope Lucy has the opportunity to grow up going to the lake every summer like I did. (Hopefully she'll like the boat a little more than I did though!)

I must mention that throughout the week, Lucy was extremely happy! She slept at least 13 hours every night and would take 3 hour naps every day... she was perfect. We were so thankful to have a happy, go with the flow baby, while we vacationed.

The first day Ben worked out of the Ft. Wayne office, so it was just Lucy and I who ventured out on the water. All ready to swim! With her new gender-neutral life jacket (although I think it looks rather boyish), that I was reluctant to buy, but the practical side of me knew Hank wouldn't want to wear a purple and pink life jacket when he is ready to fit into this life jacket (or should I say Hank's father wouldn't want him to!)

Helping Bbop drive the boat!

Katy and Brandon were tons of help while Ben was away (and even when he was back) - for not having kids, they sure know how to love on Lucy and lend a helping hand!

Somebody found a new favorite food while on the trip...

Hanging out at the sandbar...

Testing out the tube as we headed back to the house... (I'm not sure Lucy liked this so much!)

Once Ben got back, we took everybody tubing. But first a business call... (this picture is kind of silly, but it's one of my favorites from the trip!)

Family tube ride...


And of course the big kids went tubing too!

The next day was filled with some of the same activities, including a little wakeboarding...

And I can't forget my other baby who loves the lake too... Ruthie had a blast swimming. Although she can't tell me in words, I'm guessing it is her favorite thing to do. Whenever she was outside, she was jumping in and out of the water, fetching whatever we would throw her.

We had beautiful weather both days, and enjoyed dinner on the patio each night.

Some people enjoyed doing other things on the patio too..

(I know Lucy will probably kill me for including this shot when she is older, but I had to capture her famous poop face!)

On our third day, we packed up and headed over to Lake Webster. Most of that day was spent packing and unpacking, so it was pretty uneventful. We woke up the following day though and headed to the beach. The weather was not quite as nice, but we still got in some good beach time.

Playing in the sand with Jordyn...

Taking a goldfish break

Ben trying to get Lucy to swim... but she was not very happy about it!

Our final day, Sunday, we headed home and surprisingly got some much needed relaxing time! Funny how you usually end up needing to rest after vacation :)

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