Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting Ready for Hank!

Being in the third trimester, I of course am starting to get a little stressed about all we have to get done before the baby comes. Fortunately I was relieved to look back at my blog post when I was 28 weeks with Lucy to see that I was just as stressed then, and we got everything done before she came. So I have to take a few deep breaths every once in awhile and relax! Plus, I was looking back through my phone pictures and realized we've actually made a lot of progress. While the nursery may not be painted yet, we have taken several steps to get our home ready for Hank.

1. Get baby gear out of attic

Of course, Lucy had to test out all this "new" stuff that we had!

2. Pack up all clothes and pink baby stuff that we don't use for Lucy anymore (this was a really sad thing for me! I can only hope we have another little girl someday who can wear all of Lucy's adorable baby clothes that she only got to wear for a short time)

Lucy wanted to try on clothes as I was packing them up. Here she has on two fleece shirts on top of her t-shirt... what a goof ball.

3. Buy a double stroller

Found one on craigslist! And Lucy already loves it. I actually had to pack it away because she wanted to use this stroller instead of her single one.

4. Buy bedding, nursery furniture and clothes

I was so excited last week to finally pull the trigger on some crib bedding for baby boy, I ordered it online from Target and loved it even more once it came in the mail. You can also see our new bookcase that Ben set up for me and a growing closet of blue! I've been trying to stock up on sale items and use old giftcards, so fortunately I haven't had to spend too much yet... but having kids of the opposite sex sure is expensive! Hoping that I can find some good deals at garage sales, or borrow from friends so we don't break the bank.

5. Practice changing tiny baby diapers

Well not really, but I love that Lucy tries to put a diaper on her baby doll. I can't wait to see what a big helper she is with the baby. Of course, she probably won't be able to help out with diapers for several more years... but I guess that's where I come in!

We have so much more to do, but I do feel pretty accomplished about what we've done so far. And I love that Lucy has been helping all along the way!

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  1. love that baby bedding with the shelves!! so fun, jess. and, i can't believe you are in your 3rd trimester! how are you feeling? these boys will be here before we know it! :)