Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a fun day of making crafts, giving valentines, and baking cookies. Ben and I had a date night at home- I made steak for dinner and deep dish chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Plus of course a little champagne that we popped open after both kids were in bed. Somehow it worked out that both kids were in bed at 7:30pm (although I fed Hank once more before I went to sleep)... it was a good night!

I think I was more interested in coloring hearts than Lucy... oh well, maybe next year!

Flowers sent from Ben!

And I can't forget my littlest Valentine - It was hard to snag a picture of this guy because it seems all he does is sleep now, but I snagged a quick smile before laying him down in the afternoon...

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  1. aw, sweet day! glad you had a good one. valentine's day is one of my favorites!