Monday, February 27, 2012

Thankful on Mondays

I forgot to post last week... I'm behind already! Woops... oh well, I'll blame it on Ben being out of town last weekend (including Monday), it through my whole week off.

I'm thankful for...
1. Friends we could go visit while Ben was away- we headed up to West Lafayette and stayed the weekend with the Ravensberg's and got to visit with Katy and Brandon too!

2. A mom who joined us at the Children's Museum and brought us dinner while Ben was a way

3. A succesfully* potty trained little girl!!! (more to come on this)

*I'm not sure when you say your kid is officially "potty trained", as I'm expecting we'll still have lots of accidents as she learns, but she is officially in big girl undies, we said bye-bye to diapers, and she went all day today with no accidents... yay!

Lucy is thankful for...
I actually asked her last week, but just didn't write - she had said Mom, Dad, and Hank. That was similar enough to the previous week so I asked her again this week. She said...
1. JJ (Jadyn)
2. Jenni (my sister)... they both joined us for our "potty party"
3. I have to poop!!!

haha, that made me laugh, of course we immediately stopped what we were doing and ran to the potty.

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