Monday, February 13, 2012

Thankful on Mondays

I have been inspired by my friend Tasha to write more about what I am thankful for. I realized that running on little sleep and taking care of two little ones can be extremely draining, and I don't want to go through this journey without taking a second to stop and remember all that I have to be thankful for.

I'm going to try write down three things I am thankful for every Monday (key word TRY!), and because I am trying to find ways to help share God's love for us with Lucy, I'm going to ask her to tell me three things she is thankful for. Right now, I think that will include the first three things she sees in the room (as you'll see later) but I can't wait to see how her answers change over the months and years.

My List:
1. What feels like a new baby - at around 10 weeks it felt like Hank turned a corner. He sleeps so well (and so much) now and rarely needs to be held for naps (maybe 20% of the time, versus about 90% of the time just a few weeks ago). He usually cries for a couple minutes when he lays down and then falls asleep and stays asleep on his own. Hallelujah! This is a major praise.

Here's a shot I took of him in our video monitor, sucking on his little thumb...

2. A husband that goes to work every day to provide for our family and allows me to stay home with our babies.

3. A hilarious (almost) 2 year old that makes me laugh out loud every day. Here she is holding her head up while writing a thank you card... it took her a second to figure out how she could hold her head with one hand, draw with another and keep the paper still. I loved watching the cogs in her head turn as she figured out how to make this all work!

Lucy's List
1. Mommy
2. Birdie - we watched a bird digging for worms in the backyard this morning. I am so thankful to be able to have a new appreciation for God's creation as I see it through Lucy's eyes.
3. Boppy Pillow - this reminds me of the scene from anchor man when Brick says "I love lamp"... haha, like I said, I think she was just saying things that came first to her mind. But let's be honest - boppy pillows are amazing, so this is a good one to add! :)


  1. yay, so fun, jess! i love that you are doing this too - how that encourages my soul! what wonderful things to be thankful for...and are you serious? little lucy listed 3 things, too? that is so precious. what a gem.

  2. What a sweet idea! I love Lucy's answers, seriously adorable and I'm now jealous of Hank's new-found sleeping habits. I feel like Audrey has been going backwards this week. Oh, infants :)

  3. this is a great idea! that picture of hank on the video monitor looks so much like lucy!