Friday, May 4, 2012

Thankful on Fridays

I'm behind on my blogging again... what's new.  But here's to getting caught up!

I asked Lucy what she was thankful for earlier in the week. These are the groupings she gave me (I kept pressing for a little more because the first couple were repeats)...

1. JJ and Jordyn
2. Mommy, Daddy, and Hank
3. Pappa Duke and Roxanne

I love that she remembers things, we haven't seen my dad in a couple weeks but Lucy has an awesome memory... and always gives me good reminders to pray for our family members.

1. 5 years of marriage - we celebrated our anniversary this past weekend.  Ben could be on my list of things I'm thankful for every week- I really am so blessed to have a husband who loves God first, and then our family, and also happens to be my favorite person to be around.  That's a pretty sweet deal.
I planned a cruise themed day, in which we had pina colodas, watched lots of movies and went to the Journey (an all you can eat prime rib and sushi buffet).

I think this is the 3rd true date night we've had since Hank was born... finding time out with two kiddos has been pretty hard, but makes us enjoy it that much more!

2. A new camera!!! The next posts you will see are all taken with my cell phone because we are still missing our old camera, which we would still like to find, but it motivated us to finally get a DSLR camera (we have been talking about getting one since Christmas)

3. This little guy who has been growing and changing so much in the past week - eating solids, "crawling", and sitting up... more to come on all of the above. 


  1. cute anniversary pictures! as much as i love lucy and hank's little faces, it was nice to see yours on here too! ps - i like your lipstick :)

    yay for the new camera! fun fun!

  2. I know! What the heck... Ben needs to pick up the camera more often :)

  3. very creative anniversary day! how fun! happy anniversary to you guys! and enjoy the new camera - we can learn together since I still take all my pics in auto too...opps!