Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thankful on Tuesday

Lucy is thankful for:
1. Bethy
2. Corky (Courtney)
3. Mommy

Again, I am amazed at what jogs this little girl's memory.  We see Beth and Courtney a lot and they spoil Lucy way too much, but we actually haven't seen either of them for over a week, so I'm not sure what made her think of them.  Glad she did though, because I am definitely thankful Lucy has such great "Aunts" that live near by.

Also - I tried to get her to say something beside "Mommy" for the last one, but she was too distracted and wouldn't tell me anything else... so I'll take it :)

I am thankful for:
1. My sweet cousin Alli who is home from college and watched the babes on Friday night so Ben and I could go out to dinner and to a friends engagement party.
2. Our Food Club group - we've been getting together with friends once a month for over a year now, sharing good food, good wine, and good conversation.
3. The sunshine.  Enough said.

No fun pictures - I have a bunch to upload, but I'm afraid I'll never get this post up if I wait to get the pictures off my camera!

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