Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hank's Pre-Crawling Moves

This little guy is getting places.  I'm sure we are a long way off from official crawling, but Hank is definitely starting to get himself up on all fours, is lunging, and can move himself forward and backward by combining the two.  I wanted to include a video because I have a similar post with Lucy doing her pre-crawling moves.  He isn't as crazy as she was, but he's getting there...

It's been hard to catch Hank's milestones - he doesn't really do things a lot, or in front of me!  He rolls belly to back ALL the time in the crib (which is actually annoying because we often have to go in and flip him), and he has rolled back to belly a handful of times (we've spied in the video monitor) but he rarely rolls during play time.  He also has gotten up on all fours and pushed himself forward several times (again he'll do this a lot in the crib), but of course when I grab the camera he stops.

(up on all fours just long enough for me to get a picture)

(nothing special here, just a handsome babe)

So, Hank... if you're reading this blog when you're older, I'm trying to document your milestones as much as your sister, but you are hiding them from me, so it's hard.  Not because I love you any less :)

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