Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

We had a great day celebrating Easter this year. We went to church on Saturday night, so we had some down time with just our family on Sunday morning before Ben's family came over. I really love the idea of having lots of traditions, so I'm trying to start incorporating things for our family to do every year. This year we read the Easter story and then Lucy got to do an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Those seem like good traditions to keep up each year, maybe we'll add a little something each year.

But before going to look for Easter eggs I thought I'd grab a couple pictures of the kids... here's how that went...

One quick picture with dad... such a happy boy

Lucy refused to take pictures at first, so got another one of the happy boy

Pulling on Hank a little too much

Lucy decided to be shy and not show her face

This is about as good as I got...

Easter egg hunt - we filled each egg with one jelly bean. Lucy figured this out right away and opened the egg right away and ate the candy... when we tried to hide the eggs again later in the day with no candy, she had no interest in it. Smart girl.

Woops, one of the eggs fell outside the fence...

Running to go get it!

Hank wasn't too in to the egg hunt, but I'm sure next year he'll be running after his sister looking for eggs too.

After having Ben's family over for brunch we headed to my grandparents to celebrate Easter and some spring birthdays. My mom wanted to grab a picture of all her grandkids...

We got a couple good ones!

Another Easter egg hunt...

And celebrating Lucy's bday with all the extended family!

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