Monday, April 9, 2012

Thankful on Mondays (or I guess Tuesday this week!)

Today I'm thankful for:

1. Jesus. And that He rose from the dead, bringing hope to the world.

2. Lots of family that is close by so that we can celebrate Easter and Lucy's birthday with them.

(Easter and bday celebrations at my grandparents.)

3. A hard working husband and his helpful brothers who built up our flower beds with lots of mulch and dirt this past weekend.

(Lucy looking for eggs in the new and improved garden!)

Lucy is thankful for:
1. Easter eggs (I was so glad she said something new... not that a repeat would have been bad, but I wasn't sure she totally was understanding what I was asking her and was just saying the people we often pray for)
2. Elmo (while we were talking I was opening a word document to write this down and it happened to have an elmo picture on it... so, guessing she just said that because she saw Elmo, but I actually think he is someone she really is thankful for... she loves that little guy).
3. Grandma and Grandpa

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  1. so fun, jess. love those pics. the new garden looks great - ours is horrible at the moment and your pic inspires me!