Sunday, March 11, 2012

Goofy Dress Up Days

Fortunately we've been staying home a lot lately - Lucy has been getting into her (and Hank's) clothes and coming up with some pretty funny outfits lately...

PJs seem to be a real hit lately (I think it's because they are stored in a drawer that is the perfect height for Lucy to get into.

On this day, everything had to be polka dot...

She found her life jacket in the garage and insisted on wearing it around the house and really wanted to go swimming, so I filled up the bath tub. We had a lot of fun playing in the tub!

Not sure what happened here, but I was playing with Hank and Lucy walked in wearing this... I was cracking up laughing...

I took several of the below outfit because her faces were cracking me up. On this day she discovered some of Hank's PJs that I bought for him for next year and she decided to put them on. Since my babies are so similar looking, I couldn't help but wonder - maybe this is what Hank will look like a year from now? :)

At least she put on her pink Dora slippers so she had something girly on!

Love this little girl to death!

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