Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Train Ride

A few weeks ago I decided we would have a fun outing at the mall. I felt like such an awesome mom - I packed up both the kids, we played at the play park, ate chick-fil-a and Lucy even got to ride the train. Things went pretty well, except Lucy refused to go to the potty while we were there and I was so exhausted and ready to leave that I didn't force it and she ended up having an accident on the way home. Shoot.

We got a few pics on the train. I obviously didn't shower or get ready that day... ok, who I am kidding, I usually don't shower or get ready most days.

We definitely had fun, but for right now, in this season of life, I'm learning that staying at home isn't such a bad thing. Hank sleeps well in his crib, not so much on the go. Lucy goes to the bathroom really well at home, she's more hit and miss on the go. I don't have to pack a million different things. I don't have to stress about schedules. I don't have to stress about running after Lucy while holding Hank. Being home is nice - I never thought I would enjoy not leaving the house so much!


  1. It's at castleton mall - the far end by sears. You should try it out, I bet Asher would LOVE it!