Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lucy's 2nd Birthday

Wow - I can't believe my baby girl is 2! Her birthday landed on Saturday this year so we had a fun day celebrating with family and friends - Elmo style. Here are a few highlights from the party... (I uploaded the rest of the pictures to facebook so I figured I didn't need to do it in two places!)

Lucy loves Elmo - while she still doesn't watch much TV, the one show she is allowed to watch is Sesame Street. Whenever it is coming on she always shouts out - "ELMO!!". She loves that furry little guy.

I had some Elmo cupcakes made. I'm so glad I did! Despite only having our immediate families over and a few close friends, I was still stressed about getting everything together and exhausted after it was all over.

2nd birthdays are funny. In my mind I pictured having a bunch of kids over, but the more I thought about who Lucy is close with and who she loves spending time with the more I didn't think it was such a good idea to have other little people over. She is still learning to play nicely with other kids, and the little kids she is closest with were out of town, so for this party I decided we'd continue to let her be the center of attention and just invited over her favorite adults.

She got lots of great presents...

This little girl has no idea how many people adore her!

Blowing out her candles...

And the best gift I got from Lucy - no accidents! Lucy has been getting better and better at staying dry all day, but the times when she does end up having accidents are when people are over and she is distracted, so I was especially stressed about her using the potty at the party but she did great! She even practiced going in the front lawn...

Love this girl so much...

And baby brother had fun celebrating to... of course he slept most the time, but I think the grandparents appreciated that there were two grand-babies to pass around and love on.

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  1. you did a fabulous, job, jess. so impressed and i love especially how you focus so much on what lucy will love and enjoy. you are a wonderful mama for both lucy and hank!