Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grand Cayman - Boat Day and Stingrays!

Our first full day in Grand Cayman we got to spend out on Katie and Brent's brand new boat. We were so lucky to go out on the boat's maiden voyage with their friends Jen and Nate. The Kruithof's took us to Stingray sandbar, a top tourist spot in Grand Cayman and Rum Point, an amazing beach with fun rum drinks (of course) and relaxing hammocks. Katie and Jen both wrote posts on this as well, so if you want more details... check out their blogs! This was Ben and my favorite thing that we did on the island, we love boating, so that was a blast, and stingray sandbar was an amazing place to get up close to, feed and pet stingrays!

The Kruithof's new boat! (that they went in on with Jen and Nate)

Ben holding Lucy! She zonked once we started going fast!

Katie held Lucy for at least an hour (if not more) while she slept and Ben and I got in with the stingrays... we were so thankful for her!!!

Ben got in with the boys first to get comfortable and make sure these stingrays weren't actually going to attack us (at least that's what I told him to do so that I would feel comfortable getting in later)! Look at him holding that stingray!

I finally got in, but never left Ben's back... I thought I would get more comfortable the longer I was in there, but I definitely didn't! It's just a little unsettling being in the water when 10 huge sea animals are swimming at you and coming up to your chest... something about that just doesn't feel right to me :)

I did eventually pet one and feed one, then I asked been to quickly shuffle his feet back to the boat so I could get out!

Best buds!

After stingray sandbar, we headed to rum point. I could imagine that when the cruise ships are in, this place is packed... but on a Saturday in Grand Cayman, it was not crowded at all and the perfect spot for relaxing! Shallow waters, a beautiful beach, and free hammocks/lounge chairs.

Katie and I right before hoping in...

We got out and swam for a bit in the shallow water...

On the shore, we got some fun island drinks...

And played in the hammocks...

Although one diva was hogging a hammock for most of the time...


  1. such a fun visit! little side note - we took the boat out again on saturday and had to get it towed back again, hahaha!

  2. Oh my goodness, the pic of Lucy in the hammock is the cutest thing ever!