Monday, December 13, 2010

Grand Cayman - Turtle Farm

Ok, one final GC post! Like I mentioned before, with 10 days, we were really able to do a lot! One day in the middle of the week, we headed over to the Grand Cayman Turtle Farm. This was another one of my favorites. Katie and Brent had been there before and recommended it, and I was glad we went.

The first turtle pool has the oldest (and thus largest) turtles. You can see they are bigger than Lucy! She was enthralled looking at them. On a side note - on at least 4 different occasions in the GC, people stopped us and said they were shocked when Lucy started moving in her stroller because they thought she was a baby doll (why 2 adults would be pushing around a baby doll, is beyond me). The first time someone said it, I thought, oh, that's sweet... they are saying she's cute LIKE a baby doll, but then after the fourth person, I realized- people really think she is literally a baby doll until she moves. I think it's because of the cheap umbrella stroller we were using, that looked toy-like... I told one lady this and she said... "no, it's her bald head"... haha!

Our baby doll staring the turtles down

Katie and Brent had a "tour guide" show them around the farm and explain things to them when they came before, so Katie, being well informed, acted as our "tour guide" - showing us which turtles we could pick up, and how to stroke their necks so they stayed calm. Isn't this turtle adorable!?!?

Ben with a bigger turtle

Lucy meeting a turtle up close

and wanting to pet it...

There was also a shark aquarium, a place to go snorkeling, a place to swim, a bird atrium, and a restaurant. We stopped by the aquarium, atrium and restaurant... but passed on the swimming and snorkeling.

Nursing sharks in the bottom right corner

Oh, hey mom

Katie feeding a bird, right out of her hand!

Ok, that's the last of it... all in all a wonderful vacation with lots to see and do... thanks again to the Kruithof's for hosting our family!

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  1. i love the picture of lucy up against the aquarium. she's a foot away from sharks with no fear! the turtle farm is my favorite. i'm glad i got to go again with you guys.