Monday, December 13, 2010

Grand Cayman - Snorkeling and Hell

A couple other popular things to do in Grand Cayman are snorkeling and scuba diving. We didn't want to go through the hassle of getting scuba certified, but fortunately, Brent had snorkel gear on hand, so we went snorkeling a couple days while in GC. Here are a couple shots from our first day snorkeling...

We went to Eden Rock, a spot Brent heard from some friends was great for snorkeling. He was right! In fact, right when you would get in the water there were hundreds of fish swimming around - some very small colorful fish, and some 2-3 foot huge gray fish... that made me not so excited about getting in!

Again, we sent the boys off to test the waters first... Katie and I hanging out with Lucy on the "beach"... or what is actually a little bit of sand, a couple lawn chairs, and big rocky coast.

I decided to get in, so Katy watched Lucy for us, again! I was so thankful she was willing to watch Lucy while Ben and I tried out some of the touristy activities.

Here we are snorkeling... this is another spot that I'm sure is incredibly crowded when the cruise ships are in, but since we went on a Sunday, it was just us and two of Katie and Brent's friends (Jeremy and Sheena, who are expert divers) out exploring the wildlife! It was nice to avoid all the crowds, but I'll be honest, it made things a little scarier. Ben and I went in by ourselves at first, but got scared when it appeared that the 2-3 foot gray fish began to circle us. I got out and asked Jeremy and Sheena if they wouldn't mind snorkeling with us, to make me feel more comfortable. They agreed, got in with us, and confidently shooed the gray fish away. I guess the fish are so used to people feeding them that they hanging around and swim right up to you expecting food.

The boys after snorkeling...

These are out of order, but I wanted to include a couple pictures from our visit to Hell in this post as well (what a funny sentence!) Another tourist spot is Hell, Grand Cayman, not because there is anything to do there, mostly because it is named Hell. People like to go and send postcards from the Hell Post Office and take pictures... so that's what we did!

We also stopped by the Tortuga Rum Cake factory (another tourist trap) and got to sample lots of rum cake and a little rum. My camera was running out of batteries at this point (can you tell why?) so I didn't get any pictures... oh well!

These were both places I'm glad we visited, to say we've been there... but there really wasn't much to see/do.

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