Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving (part 2)

As I mentioned before, we had lots of family to see on Thanksgiving and also had to make sure we got packed for our trip to Grand Cayman.This year was our year to spend with the Wehner family, so we stopped by my mom's in the morning for a couple hours, then spent the rest of the day with the Wehners...

Lucy and Mimi (before all the family arrives)

Working on letters with Jordyn

Lucy getting lots of loving from her cousins - the girls rarely put her down and are always fighting over who gets to hold her!

Now off to the Wehners! Grandma took a break from cooking to snap a photo with Lucy...

Playing with the boys - it was a smaller gathering at the Wehner home this year - just the Indy Wehners were here to celebrate...

Happy Thanksgiving!

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