Monday, December 20, 2010

9 Months

I meant to get this up a little bit ago (on the 17th, to be exact) but with the holidays and Lucy's exciting new skill, I got a bit behind... oh well!

This past month was a bit of a mixed bag - we were in GC for 10 days, so when you think about it, a third of our month was spent traveling. Throw in preparing for vacation and recovering from vacation, and it seems all I can remember about last month was TRAVEL! It did make me think about all of the places this little girl has been in 9 months... some vacations, some visits to see friends who have moved (many of our best friends moved this past year... giving us even more reason to travel!):
1. Pigeon Forge, TN
2. Lake Wawasee, IN
3. Lake Michigan, MI
4. Panama City, FL
5. Haubstadt, IN
6. Cincinnati, OH
7. Blacksburg, VA
8. And of course, Grand Cayman

What a well traveled little baby! Needless to say, I think we'll be staying in good old Indianapolis for the next couple months to recover a bit!

Anyway, no major changes in Lucy's milestones this past month (she walked the day after she turned 9 months, so technically she hadn't made any major changes from 8-9 months). Her personality did blossom a ton this month though, with much more laughter and squealing. She has become quite the little ham. My favorite memory from this month was when we went to Jenn and Nate's for "Thanksgiving" and everyone was going around saying something they were thankful for. Each time the group would laugh, Lucy would mimic the laughing right afterward... it was adorable, and everyone thought it was the cutest thing there! And my favorite quote from Ben - "I'm really starting to like playing with her"- hmmm, I guess I'll take care of the babies pre-9months, and he'll deal with them after. :) But in all seriousness, she really has become so much fun to actually play with - we love tickling her and wrestling with her and throwing her in the air and chasing her, she IS a lot of fun.

She also loves to nod her head "yes" and "no" in response to us talking to her (not sure if she knows what this means, or just likes the movement) and still loves to wave hi and bye a lot. She is babbling a lot more now too, with clear mama and dada's mixed in. We're pretty sure she uses mama to get my attention, but not sure if she has associated dada with Ben yet... do we dare say "Mama" is her first word?

She continues to mostly eat finger foods and will only be spoon fed if it's something really tasty. And she now eats just about anything and everything (although we're steering clear of the major allergic foods for now - egg whites, PB, etc). A typical breakfast consists of yogurt/cottage cheese, some cherrios, fruit, toast and/or eggs. Lunch is usually pasta, veggies, chicken, cheese and/or fruit. And dinner is usually a variation of what we are having or something from the above. We finally knocked out the middle of the night feeding, so she's down to four nursing sessions a day and the doctor says over the next couple months we need to work on slowly bringing that down to one nursing by the time she is a year... weird!

Which brings me to sleep - sleep has been mixed this month, the day after I wrote how amazing Lucy was sleeping in her 8 month update she got a cold and started teething and was not sleeping well at all... alas, I forgot that nothing lasts in the life of a baby. Another mom from my Bible study made a good point, whether it's good or bad, you can only expect your current state to last for about 3 weeks... then something is bound to change! The good news is, she's back to sleeping great (for now) and she dropped the middle of the night feeding on her own. She just started sleeping till 7-8am! She does still sometimes wake up, but the doctor recommended soothing her in other ways besides nursing because we know she doesn't really need that 5am feeding anymore.

Her schedule these days is wake around 7-8am (she has been waking about 7am to nurse and then snuggling/sleeping with me till 8am... this is my favorite part of the day), go down and eat breakfast. Play till about 10am, take a 1-2hour nap. Nurse and eat lunch around 12pm. Run errands, or meet friends for lunch (and by friends, I mean Beth and Court... they're the main people we've been meeting up with these past couple months). Home for a 1-2hour nap around 3pm. Nurse and Dinner around 4:30-5:30pm. Play with dad until about 7pm, then bath, story (she is finally somewhat interested in books!!), nursing and songs to prepare for bed (about 7:30-8pm).

We did see the doctor this month and got new stats. Despite all the food this girl eats (which is a ton) she dropped in percentile... the doctor said she wasn't concerned though, as she sees that happen with a lot of babies as they get older an level out.
Head - 17.3in, 52%
Length - 27.8in, 58% (every other visit she has been 90%+, so this was a major change!)
Weight - 18.1lb, 38%

Look at my adorable new hat!

Not sitting in one place... as usual!

Showcasing her two front teeth that are coming in... I think she's got 3-4 coming in right now

Such a happy baby!

Last one, no coat, no hat... just baby

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