Tuesday, October 11, 2011

32 Week Pictures

Ok - so I'm actually now almost 34 weeks, but I took these pictures early last week, so they were pretty close to 32 weeks... I've given up trying to get the picture on the day of! Still feel overall great, and I think better off than when I was 32/33/34 weeks pregnant with Lucy.

With Lucy I was reporting: "32 weeks and definitely feeling it! Symptoms of pregnancy currently: lots of back ache (although I've gotten 2 massages in the past 2 weeks!), stretched belly button, sleepless nights (I've found the couch is the most comfortable place to sleep), and trouble breathing. The third trimester is in full swing!"

But with Hank I have not had any back pain (except when I overdue it, I end up having to rest and put heat on my back the next day), no stretched skin feeling (I'm guessing that's because of the stretch marks Lucy gave me, my skin was already ready to expand for Hank) and I've been sleeping pretty well (up until this past week, I've had a really bad cold and have been coughing throughout the night, leaving me extremely exhausted!).

Here I am at 32 weeks with Lucy (look at the snow on the ground! I'm thankful it's been in the 80s here this past week, perfect weather!):

32 weeks with Hank:

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  1. how can it be that you only have 6 weeks left?!