Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekend Getaways

I'm still really behind on updating the blog, so I decided to make this a catch all post for a couple things Ben and I have done without Lucy. Since this blog is mostly about her, I figured it'd be ok if I skimped a little on these trips... but I still want to make sure I remember that we had time to get away during this phase in our life. I hope Ben and I always remember to make time for our marriage and make time for ourselves!

Over a month ago I had another girls weekend away (I know what you're thinking, this girl is super lucky - and you are right, Ben agreed to watch Lucy while I traveled with girl friends for three weekends this summer, he knew it was important for me to have some time to recharge, and I was so thankful he supported me going on these trips!) Labor Day weekend I went to Pigeon Forge with Courtney and Beth - we had a great trip with lots of laying out time by the Lazy River, relaxing time in our super deluxe condo, and did a couple touristy things each night. We all agreed Pigeon Forge was a little to family/touristy for us, but I'm still glad we went and experienced it! We just know not to go back till we all take our kids :)

A couple highlights: seeing a magic show at the Wonderworks building... I think we spent most our time laughing AT the magician, not WITH him, but oh well, we had fun!

We ate at a couple good spots: the Dixie Stampede (dinner and a show!), a Japanese hibachi grill, and a small country restaurant (I can't remember the name of).

A few weeks later, Courtney and Ian took Ben and I to a Colts game, so we (or should I say my mom) returned the favor by taking them out to dinner at Ruth's Chris before. It was an awesome night, with amazing food and amazing seats (we were in the second row). Definitely not something any of us could afford on our own, so we were all appreciative of the free tickets and free dinner!

Lastly, we headed up to Chicago last weekend for a last trip before the baby comes and to watch Katy in the Chicago Marathon. We had planned to take Lucy, but both sets of grandparents offered to watch her so we figured we couldn't pass up an opportunity like that! I was so glad we didn't take her, it was a super relaxing weekend plus it would have been stressful trying to get her around as we tried to find Katy in the marathon. A couple shots from the trip...

Waiting for Katy...

We spotted her 3 times (although she only saw us twice) which was a pretty good accomplishment considering how crazy busy the city was that day. Go Katy!

I'm guessing things are going to slow down over the next month as we get closer to my due date, but I must say we've had an amazing summer full of lots of fun trips and lots of fun activities in Indy. I can't believe how fast time has flown by!

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