Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Library

Lucy and I usually go to the library every couple weeks to return books and check out some new ones. She loves to read, and I love to have something different to read (there are about 5 books in our house that she wants to read several times each day)! I snapped a couple pictures on this day - Our friend Kristy visited recently and somehow convinced Lucy to keep bows on her head (or "hats" as Lucy calls them), so I've been having fun dressing her up! I also just thought she looked so grown up with her jeans, sneakers and backpack ready to go to the library...

But first, as soon as she saw me snap a picture, we had to turn the camera around so she could look at herself. I'm having a lot of trouble taking pictures these days without her trying to grab my phone!

I guess she thought she looked pretty cute too :)

At the library I usually sit while Lucy brings me several books (we're talking 20-30!) to read to her, then I sneak a couple of my favorites into her bag to go check out.

Then with a bag full of books, we head home!

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  1. love the last picture of her dragging the bag! must be heavy!