Thursday, October 20, 2011

Recipes - October

I haven't been keeping up with this, and as I thought more about what I want to accomplish by writing these recipes down, I realized I really just need to make a quick note about meals I like to make and then hopefully one day I'll put all the meals together in a cook book and never have to say to myself... "what should I make for dinner?"

So here's a random bunch of meals I've made the past month:
Breakfast Casserole: (I made two of these) (with sausage) - one of our very favorites, and (with bacon) - another one of our favorites... the sausage is less time consuming to make, but a lot of people seem to like the bacon one too.

Stromboli: this recipe I got from a friend who brought us a meal with Lucy, and it is one of our favorites... we made the pizza one with green pepppers, onions, sausage, pepperoni and cheese.

1st - Ham & Cheese Stromboli

1 frozen bread dough
2 or 3 cups of any type of shredded cheese you like
2 or 3 cups luncheon meat ham cut into small pieces
Mustard of any kind

I hate to tell you this but I never measure my ingredients when I make this, it is all kind of a guess. Brian likes a lot of meat and cheese so I just add until it looks like enough! Only Linnea and myself like mustard so I only add mustard to one of my loaves, the other one is just meat and cheese.
Thaw out the bread dough for 4 or 5 hours (until completely thawed out and easy to roll out). Then roll is out so it is fairly wide (about 5 inches). Spread the mustard on top of the bread dough (as much as you like) then add half of the cheese putting it down the center of the bread length wise. Then add the meat on top of the cheese and then the rest of the cheese on top of the meat. Fold one side of the dough into the center and then take the other side and pull it into the center but overlapping a little onto the side you just rolled up. Then take either end and fold them down on top of the sides (kind of like you are wrapping a present) then very carefully flip the entire bread loaf onto a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 375 for 20 - 25 minutes until golden brown.

2nd - Pizza Stromboli

1 frozen bread dough
1 can pizza sauce
1 lb. ground beef cooked
2 or 3 cups mozzarella cheese

Do the same as above except put half of cheese on the bottom then mix pizza sauce and hamburger together put on top of cheese and then add the rest of the cheese on top of meat sauce. You can add pepperoni or any other ingredients that you like on your pizza. The rest of the directions are the same as above.

Pretzels: - yum, these were a hit! and are super easy to make

Chicken Tortilla Soup (can't remember if I posted this one yet) - another one of Ben's favorites, serve with fried tortilla strips, cheese and sour cream.

Cobb Salad- this was pretty easy and fast to make, I didn't add egg or bacon because I didn't want to dirty too many dishes,

Winter Squash Soup- yum! this was delicious, although no one in my home was a big fan except me, so this might be a good recipe to take for a girls night or something.

Apple Crisp- also from the same blog post as above, this was also delicious and super easy to make! I added pecans to the topping.


  1. sounds like you need to make a tastebook! whenever i try a recipe from pinterest or a website, if i like it, i copy and paste it into tastebook that night or the next morning. now all the recipes i love are in one place (vs mixed in with ones i want to try) and once i have 50 or 100, i can order the pages for a book! i find that it's a lot easier entering the recipes as you make them then trying to go back and do a bunch at once. just a suggestion :)

  2. wonderful! i need to do that... thanks for the suggestion!