Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Children's Museum

A couple weeks ago we decided to do a staycation here in Indy. Ben had some vacation days left he needed to use up, we wanted to save some money, and I was really wanting to have some family time and do the things in Indy we never really have time to do because we are usually pretty busy on the weekends. We ended up going to Chicago for the weekend to watch Katy in the marathon, but the rest of the time we stayed home and had fun just the three of us. One thing Ben and I both wanted to do was go to the Children's Museum so that was our first outing!

(We actually had also planned to go to an apple orchard but at the end of the staycation I had come down with a really bad cold and Ben made an appointment to have his shoulder looked at so we spent one of our days at the doctor's office. This would then lead into another week of sickness for me and Ben ending up needing shoulder surgery... maybe that's why I'm so behind on my blogging!!)

Our first stop was the Barbie exhibit! Unfortunately I forgot my camera in the car, but I got some shots with my phone...

They have a little run way where you can dress up and walk down like a model - I don't think Lucy fully got this, but she of course loved all the attention...

Then we headed over the the wonderworks exhibit for a little more hands on fun. I think Ben enjoyed being at the museum as much as Lucy!

And of course, a trip to the Children's Museum would not be complete without a ride on the carousel (of course I hated this as a child, so I'm hoping my fear of "fast" moving objects is not passed on to Lucy!)

We were all exhausted by the time we got home - but I was so glad we went and am excited to get a family pass this winter so Lucy can get some of her energy out when it's snowy and cold outside.

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  1. i love museums! a few years ago I made brent take me to one for my birthday :) this looks like a good one!