Monday, October 3, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

A few weeks ago (I'm still catching up!) we headed to the zoo with Jadyn. Ben had taken Lucy while I was out of town and said she loved it so I was eager to go at least one more time before it closed for the season. She had a blast! Of course, I never remember to bring our regular camera with us... this time I did, and as soon as I tried to take my first picture at the zoo it died! Oh well, at least I got some OK pictures with my phone.

First stop was the dolphin show! This surprisingly held Lucy's attention pretty well.

Then off to the aquariums, Lucy loved looking at the fish and sting rays.

Then we went to pet the sharks, Lucy wasn't tall enough to get her arm near a shark, but I don't think she would have been brave enough to try it either!

A friendly wave from the distance was all she was willing to give.

Not sure what I said to them to get this pose!

Checking out the monkeys with Daddy...

The only picture I got in... didn't turn out great, but I asked Ben if he could take at least one picture of Lucy and I! She was distracted by the grizzly bear behind the fence...

And this last one is for our friends Katie and Brent... they had Grand Cayman Iguanas at the zoo, so of course we thought of them and remembered our trip last November when we got to see the Iguanas actually in Grand Cayman (not caged up at a zoo!)

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  1. that's so neat that they had grand cayman iguanas at the zoo! wish you were here with us again this year! love you guys!