Monday, October 31, 2011

36.5 Weeks Baby 2

Here's the latest picture of my belly!

I looked back to see how I was feeling with Lucy and it seems like I am doing better than I was at 36 weeks back then.

I took the two pictures at different angels so it's a bit hard to tell, but I think my belly is about the same size? At this point with Hank I have not had much swelling at all. I have definitely noticed some, but I can still wear my wedding ring most of the time and there are only a couple pairs of shoes I can't wear (with Lucy I could only wear 1 pair of my shoes because my feet were so swollen). I am however starting to feel very stretched and like there isn't much room left in my belly for this boy to grow. It often feels like he's kicking his feet up into my ribs and when he gets into a weird position it feels like my skin is about to rip apart (oh great... here come the stretch marks).

I think I've gained a bit less than with Lucy at this point too... I'm at about 32 pounds, where I think I was closer to 36/37 with Lucy.

Sleep is sometimes good, sometimes bad. I usually get up to use the bathroom 1-2 times per night and sometimes I get back to sleep no problem, sometimes I lay awake for about 1-2 hours. I haven't been to exhausted (mentally anyway) though, I think God prepares our bodies to start getting used to being up all night. But I do think I am sleeping better than with Lucy and I have a lot less back pain. It's amazing what not sitting at a desk all day does for your body.

Can't believe we are in the final stretch, I am so excited to meet this little boy and to see what life with two kids is like. But I think I'm most excited to see my toes again :)

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  1. you look so fabulous, jess! i meant to say that when you stopped by last week! and, the tortilla soup was amazing. hope to see you this thurs!